4 Tips for Solo Travelers

Considering a solo traveler adventure but hesitating a bit. Before I went on my first solo trip, I thought perhaps it was not for me. However, I have to say it was an incredibly freeing experience and I am so glad I did it. I used to travel for work a lot but of course that’s different. You spend time in the office then go out to dinner with colleagues so it is not truly a solo adventure. But if you wanted to get your feet wet, you can tack on a few extra days after your business trip. Here are 4 tips for solo travelers.  

Get To Know Your Location

I find the best way to get to know an area is to walk it. Some cities and towns have walking tours and group tour activities that are top notch. It is a great way to get a lay of the land so you know what neighborhoods and sites you want to make sure to see. You may already have a plan which I always recommend however new information can help you refine that plan. 

Nature Mystique Retreat for Solo Travelers

We have plenty of solo travelers that visit Nature Mystique Retreat, our Magical Earth Retreat. It is a great spot to relax and decompress. Our solo travelers tell us how calming and peaceful it is. You can hike, then have a soak in the hot tub or use the onsite sauna (separate guest promotional fee). There are some really great trails from easy to more intense. A short drive away, there’s a charming winery close by, some interesting shops and amazing BBQ. You can lounge on a hammock while reading one of the books we provide or stream at night after a day of exploring. If you love nature and prefer not to dine out on your own, we have an outdoor grill. You can BBQ outside while soaking up the beauty of nature. I do enjoy dining on my own as well and suggest venturing out for BBQ. It is a great destination for a solo traveler to decompress and recharge your batteries. 

Safety First 

So, this is not the sexy part of your trip but it is equally important. If you plan to be alone on your travels, you want to do some research of the local area. You want to make sure you are in safe areas that are well lit, you are mindful of your surroundings and take the proper measures. Perhaps think about the precautions you take in your regular life and use common sense. I personally don’t stay out too late at night, don’t drink too much because I want to be fully aware and go to places where there are other people. It is always a good practice to have a money belt with cash, an extra credit card and copy of your ID. That way, you have a backup plan just in case. If your accommodations have a safe, consider leaving a credit card and some form of ID there as well. These are just a few helpful tips but I suggest you research how to protect yourself while on vacation along with local advice on safety. 

Enjoy Your Company 

Perhaps you are feeling a bit self-conscious about your solo adventure. Take a good book or your kindle so if you generally don’t dine alone, you have something to focus on if you are a bit apprehensive. Initially it can be a bit intimidating but I personally love it now. You can always sit at a counter rather than a table if that makes you more comfortable. After a while you won’t even notice. Sometimes when dining on my own, I order an appetizer and then get dessert. It’s not the norm but who says you have to follow the rules. Dessert can be the best part of the meal! 

You make all the decisions, that is one of the many benefits of being a solo traveler. Go at your own pace and your own schedule, it is so freeing! See where the road takes you…

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