Be Prepared for Your Next Hike, Here are Some Basics

Hiking can be exhilarating. It is a great way to explore the outdoors, exercise and connect with nature. Being prepared for your next hike will make the experience so much better. Although I am making some basic suggestions, my first recommendation will be to do your research specific to the area you plan to hike, regarding potential pitfalls, necessary safety precautions and see what expert hikers have to say. Here we just make some basic suggestions that we hope are helpful. 

Nutrition and Balance

I am one of those people who thinks water solves so many of our problems. Whenever someone says they are not feeling well, feeling fatigue, getting muscle cramps, I ask are you drinking enough water? There’s a comedian that makes fun of people like me and my husband loves that particular skit. Having said that, staying hydrated it is essential. I bought my hydration backpack from REI but there are other retailers that sell them as well. I take it whenever I go hiking. 

I like to take bars and nuts with me. You want to keep your energy up and make sure you have something nutritional with protein to keep your stamina up. Kind bars are my favorite, they can be low in sugar, not too high in protein but I more than make up for that with a pack of nuts. 

Setting Limits When You Connect with Nature 

Be aware of what you are capable of and set limits especially in hot weather. You want to follow your doctors recommendations and don’t overexert yourself. Set realistic expectations, perhaps starting with a short hike and building up your stamina. Some hikes have steeper inclines, some locations have much warmer climates and you should be mindful of a multitude of factors. 


Proper shoes are important for hiking whether you are looking at hiking boots or shoes, it helps avoid injury, it is more comfortable and very practical. Garmin has some great satellite communicators that allow you to communicate in case of an emergency. They have some compact options that won’t add much weight to your pack and work in remote locations so you can contact emergency services just in case even if there is no Wi-Fi. You want to understand what the wildlife is like in the area you plan to visit so you can be prepared.

Earth Day 

Earth Day is a reminder for us to leave no trace when we are in nature. In a nutshell, you want to have a garbage bag with you to hold your trash so you can discard it at a later time when you reach a garbage bin. We all want to do our part to be responsible and conscious of our environment and respect the beauty around us. 

Hiking can be an exhilarating experience. Exploring nature is a great stress reliever. It has a way of calming the body down, releasing tension and providing a sense of calm. With the sounds of nature, birds chirping and cascading waterfalls; these elements can do wonders for health and wellness. 

I try to hike as much as I can. Hocking Hills Ohio is absolutely my favorite place to hike. It has helped me through some difficult times. I am grateful for my changes to connect with nature. Having said that, do your research. It is essential to be prepared for your next hike. 

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