Benefits of Nature for Dog Health

There are a broad range of benefits of being in nature for dog health. The obvious one that comes to mind first is getting outside and having a form of exercise. Dogs absolutely love to explore. They use their noses to gather information and what better air quality is there than nature in which to enjoy. One interesting bit of information is that sniffing helps dogs lower their heart rates. So let them sniff away and find new wonderful places to explore. Getting outdoors not only provides benefits for physical health, there’s also a mental health component to the benefits of nature for you and your pet. 

Getting back to nature with your pets is great for physical and mental wellness. There are studies that show 15 to 20 minutes of nature a day offers tremendous benefits in stress management and overall health. 

Dog Health and Trees

So, trees help remove impurities in the air. Trees give our ecosystem a tremendous boost so to speak. Overall time in nature helps pets and their owners in boosting health and happiness. It helps to lower the heart rate and create this calming feeling. The tension starts to release from your body as you explore nature. Dogs get excited in nature because they have an opportunity to see new things and enjoy this environment. It gives them a chance to engage in their natural behaviors. So many of our guests have told us how much their pooches love exploring Hocking Hills and visiting the parks. They tell us how much they thrive. 

Dogs have this pent up energy that they are able to release during their nature walks. Compared to walking in a busy city with lots of noise, nature provides a peaceful environment with a variety of different stimuli they don’t see on their regular walks. These walks are great for bone health, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular health and mental health for you and your dog. Similar to how we engage in behaviors to prevent heart disease and other health conditions, it also rings true for your dog. Take whatever precautions you feel make sense for you when engaging with nature. 

Dogs Supporting Human Health Benefits

Dogs are great for boosting human health as well. They are wonderful for emotional support, love and boosting happiness. You take care of your precious pooch, you feed them, walk them and love them of course. However, these wonderful companions offer so much to their owners as well. The pure joy of their company and unconditional love. Dogs are also very intuitive; they can sense your mood and what you may need from them. Dogs and cats can provide emotional support to you, and you for them. 

Taking walks, enjoying nature and going on hikes are great for physical and mental health. Thinking about your next getaway, consider a nature vacation for you and your dog. Thinking in terms of prevention, health and wellness for you and your beloved pet. Incorporating nature into your lifestyle is a great step in the right direction for physical and mental health benefits.

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