Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio (about 60 miles from Columbus) attracts millions of visitors annually. It has over 10,000 acres of forestry, the most amazing rock formations and beautiful waterfalls. It is a very peaceful place to explore and truly enjoy nature. It has a number of trails for different fitness levels and various parts of the park to explore. We are about 3 miles from the Ash Cave entrance, one of the most popular destinations in the park. Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls are must sees and there is so much more. Trails are marked for convenience and safety reasons. It is important to be aware of and follow safety information provided by the park. They generally lead you back to the complimentary parking area. 

The park is open every day allowing you to explore during your favorite season.  Visitors love to come and see the leaves change in the Fall. There’s something special to see during every season. 

A little bit about Hocking Hills State Park from a historical perspective. There’s a red sand you see referred to as sandstone that dates back millions of years ago from when the ocean disappeared leaving behind this stone. Millions of years of changes and slow erosion resulted in the magnificent beauty of Hocking Hills we see today. In fact, some of the plant life that existed then can still be seen to some degree today. There is an intriguing story about how Old Man’s Cave got its name. A very interesting history befitting of a truly special, unique place. 

The Hocking Hills area has so much to do from hiking to canoeing to exploring the wineries to horseback riding and so much more. If you are looking for relaxation, just take in the sights, sounds and scents of nature while soaking in our hot tubs while planning your trip to the park. This vacation offers a much needed change to disconnect and recharge. 

Hocking Hills visitors keep coming back. Why you ask? This hidden gem is like nothing else. It will leave you in awe. Upon entering the park, it gives you a special feeling that is hard to describe but one you want to experience again. It is within driving distance from a number of states and major cities.

Imagine… a nature vacation experience that allows you to achieve a truly calming and meditative state.  A place where you can leave behind the stress of daily life and just be.