How Travel Experiences Enrich Us

Sometimes the simplest travel experiences are the most memorable. I have spoken with thousands of people informally about their travels, what they gain from their travels, what are their most memorable experiences and what they hope to experience next. The answers are probably simpler than one would think. 

Making Connections

Memorable travel moments usually have to do with connections with people, connections with nature and experiences that have broadened our perspective. Meeting new people brings forth new ideas and an appreciation for differences. Differences in culture, different beliefs and opinions is what opens our minds to possibilities. These travel experiences foster moments of reflection, openness and possible change. 

Travel Enriches Us 

These simple moments that we have during our travels stay with us. You take it all in, there’s the mental snapshot that takes place in your mind and gets stored so you can draw from it at a later point in time. It may be a scent, a sound or an image that triggers that memory. The feeling of the sand when you’re dipping your toes into the clear blue water, or the scent of fresh air in the rainforest or an incredible hike where you see these beautiful rock formations that gave you this rare sense of calm.

I have certain memories that surface from time to time from my travels. The scent of the fresh air while walking through the rainforest in Kauai, a mental picture of me feeding a kangaroo while I was in Australia. The crackling of the fire during one of my camping trips or the feeling I got when I first arrived in Venice with my mother and brother when I was fifteen. 

Simple Travel Moments 

Perhaps you watched these beautiful birds descend from their flight or a deer quietly standing by the trees. These memories may play vividly in your mind. For example, I feel this incredible sense of peace whenever I go to Hocking Hills State Park, specifically Ash Cave. It’s something I draw from when I am feeling stressed or unsettled. If I am mindful of and focus on that experience, my heart rate starts to slow down, my mood shifts and I feel the tension start to release. It’s quite remarkable.  

People watching is one of my favorite things to do in my travels. My dad used to love people watching. You learn a lot about the people, the culture, how people live and what sparks their emotions simply by watching. How in some parts of the world people are not in a hurry the way we seem to be. It gives you a peak behind the curtain. 

Learning from Our Travels 

I absolutely love learning during my travels. I try to learn as much about the history of the place I visit. Furthermore, I am a total foodie so I always like to try the local foods. I generally bring back an exciting new idea for what to cook, a new spice to use or a new take on one of my favorite dishes. My husband always says I remember places by the food. I have a vivid memory of this gelato place in Tuscany. They actually won these international awards for their gelato so of course I couldn’t pass up trying at least 2 flavors. I can clearly picture the square, the awning in the front, the long lines and the charming people inside. 

Everyone experiences things a little differently in their travels. It is based on your own unique perspective, you draw from past memories perhaps, your values and what you hope for from your travels. It is what makes us special and what makes our experience that much better. I have this love of nature that always brings me back to some of the happiest memories of my childhood. That’s part of what gives me happiness in my travels. If you haven’t made the time to travel, just do it. Even if it’s a long weekend getaway, it is totally worth it. 

We hope you decide to visit Nature Mystique Retreat as part of your travels. We have brought everything we love about travel into building these hobbit inspired and Moroccan adobe vacation cabins to Hocking Hills Ohio. It’s a unique and magical experience you won’t soon forget. 

Whenever you go, happy travels. 

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