kyaking near Hocking Hills State Park


So many of us are drawn to the water. Travelers flock to water destinations and activities. Our hot tubs allow you to take a relaxing soak while realizing the benefits of our cedar wood tubs. You may see bits of cedar wood that add to the health and wellness benefits. Canoeing and kayaking adventures, tours and tubing all add to the charm of Hocking Hills. Being out on the water away from land is freeing. At times the water is tranquil, other times it is turbulent. It carries a power, an indescribable pull that adds to the pure joy of your vacation.


Your underground home sits on a beautiful parcel of land. You can cozy up to the fire pit, take a soak in our hot tub or reserve our onsite sauna (additional fees apply). If you are feeling like venturing out, there are so many choices for the outdoor adventurer. From rigorous hikes to zip lining, Hocking Hills is a favored destination to almost 5 million visitors. A breathtaking view of the caves, rocks and treetops. It was the first zip line offered in Ohio. Hikes to enrich and capture nature as you reflect on the pure beauty around you.  

zip lining near Hocking Hills State Park
Rock Climbing near Hocking Hills State Park


Excitement all around you in rock climbing adventures. One of the many things to do in Hocking Hills. Land set aside just for the purpose of rock climbing. Rock climbing is exhilarating, usually reserved for the highly athletic adventurer. If you opt for rock climbing be safe and take appropriate precautions. 


Hocking Hills State Park Ash Cave entrance is just a few miles from our Retreat. About a 15-minute drive to Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls.  It offers beautiful forestry with thousands of acres to explore. Amazing rock formations that make this state park very special. Hiking trails to enjoy at easy to difficult levels. An adventure for couples, families, and friends to experience. A truly rare experience of nature that attracts visitors all year round. The calming sounds of nature can soothe you in a way nothing else can. A chance to disconnect with the fast pace of life and feel immense peace of mind. It is a time to get away from daily life and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Hiking Hocking Hills State Park