Pack Light For Travel

When you plan a trip it can be exciting. We all look forward to taking some well-deserved time to decompress, have new experiences and either visit a new place or return to our favorite vacation spot. I would suggest you pack light for travel as an absolute essential part of enjoying your vacation. You will be much happier for it.

The Basics When You Want to Pack Light for Travel

Most people have a fondness for the most uncomfortable shoes. They generally seem to look better even if they don’t feel better.  When planning for travel, your favorite shoes aren’t usually the best choice. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. They may not be your first choice, but comfort is essential for vacation especially if you plan to be active.

Essentials for travel also depends on weather. If you expect warm weather, then breathable fabrics like soft cottons are great. You also want to make sure you have a light cover up if your skin is sensitive to the sun. Regardless of weather, sunscreen and a lip balm with SPF are a must. Even skiing the Alps for instance, the sun can be much stronger than you would expect. In cold climates, bring sensible layers instead of heavy bulky sweaters that take up most of your suitcase space.

Light Luggage for When You Plan A Trip

Luggage varies in weight even when completely empty. I enjoy taking a luggage roller that is light weight. You may not think so, but it definitely makes a difference when rolling your luggage through a long airport or waiting on the taxi line to get to your hotel. There are plenty of smart looking, light weight luggage options available. I always see a handful of individuals struggling with multiple large bags looking very unhappy at the start of their vacation. Couples arguing about why one of them took way too much. Perhaps that sounds like you. Believe me, if you plan it right, you can travel very sensibly and feel much happier for it.

Color Basics

When you plan a trip pick clothing pieces with versatility. Go with a set color scheme and select pieces that can be paired with one another. This gives you a lot more outfit choices without having to overpack. It also gives you space for shopping. Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces and best finds have been purchased during my travels. I always get compliments on clothing items that I found on a vacation, mainly because it is something unique that I can’t buy nearby.

My Must Haves

Aside from what I mentioned above, some of my must haves may be a bit unusual but here goes.

My favorite travel size cucumber mask. It shows up clear on my face so it doesn’t scare my husband. Hey, we are on vacation, why shouldn’t I give myself a facial.

Comfy Slipper Socks because I absolutely hate to walk around barefoot

Photos of family tucked away in my backpack, yes printed photos

My Kindle for the days when I decide to decompress or sit in the park or the beach

A light weight cotton handbag and hat that folds down, one that can dress up or dress down

Snacks are an absolute must. Sometimes the day just gets away from you when you are soaking everything up in a new place. I like individually sized bags of nuts, mini size bars and we bring a filtered water bottle to do our part for sustainability

Once you start to pack light for travel, you will wonder why you didn’t always do it. It can be very freeing and literally take a load off. My friends would always make a joke out of it when they saw me asking where the rest of my stuff was. Believe me, I am much happier for it whenever I plan a trip.

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