Simple Travel Tips to Save

If you don’t want to save on your destination choice and unique lodging is part of that experience for you, but want to figure out other ways to save on your travels, here are 4 travel tips to keep in mind for your next adventure. It may also make the experience more personal, cooking for those you love and enjoying the simple things. 

Saving on Meals during your Road trip 

Prepare a day ahead of time for your road trip. I like to make two kinds of muffins before my road trips, a sweet and savory kind. Let’s start with sweet because that’s more fun! Its quick and easy, under 30 minutes in total. You want to be practical with your time. There is always lots to do before your travels. I love my Pack It cooler bag for my prepared foods. 

Almond flour blueberry muffins are a favorite on our trips They hold well in my Pack It cooler and are a healthier fun option. You can find a recipe online. I generally cut the sugar in the recipe by one third. Sweetness comes from the blueberries so in my opinion less sugar works well. I make savory muffins that last a couple of days for breakfast provided you have a refrigerator. My personal favorite is egg, broccoli cheddar frittata muffins but you can do asparagus and gouda, spinach and swiss, whatever you prefer. There great for a quick breakfast, saving you time and the expense of going out for breakfast. 

Essential Amenities to Save 

A kitchenette and refrigerator are essential if you plan to cook on your travels. I suggest light cooking, 20 minute meals. After all, you are on vacation. Ideally you book lodging with an outdoor BBQ Grill. You can buy prepackaged salads and just grill some chicken, steak or burgers for a couple of nights of dinner. 

Snacks and Water 

If you order a 12 pack of Kind bars on amazon before your travels, its more cost effective than buying them in a market. I also suggest taking filtered personal water bottles with you. It’s part of being a sustainable traveler and is essential for those hikes.

Dine Out 

I do suggest at least one or two nights out for dinner. It’s a chance to relax, try some local foods and enjoy your evening. 

Guests have sent me photos of beautiful dinners they prepared while at our retreat. Nothing fancy, just good wholesome and delicious dinners 🍽. I absolutely love that they share those moments, where they have made themselves at home at our unique hobbit inspired or Moroccan adobe accommodations. We do offer fully equipped kitchenettes in all our lodging cabins. Plus have wonderful suggestions for your dining out experiences. These are just a few travel trips to help with your budget and do something special for those in your group. Believe me, I love to dine out as well. A great meal and great company are definitely what makes for memorable experiences. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a meal that you know was cooked with love and a joy of cuisine. Food is one of my favorite forms of expression. 

Enjoy your travels wherever they take you. We hope to see you at our retreat one day. 

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