Sustainability In Travel

There is more focus than ever on global warming, climate change and some of the ways we can personally act responsibly in preserving our planet. More groups, activists, environmentalists and those committed to the cause are appearing in the media. Although sustainability has received much global attention, there is certainly more we can do. So this may prompt you to ask how can I commit to sustainable travel.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We have built Nature Mystique Retreat responsibly. Building our accommodations into the rolling hills has been great in terms of energy efficiency. Based on how our units are constructed, the temperature does not go below 58 degrees. This is vital for our ongoing commitment to energy efficiency. We have incorporated recycled materials into our design in each hobbit inspired accommodations. We used reclaimed wood for an entire wall and whiskey barrels to create our bathroom sinks. In addition to being really cool features we are proud to be sustainable. Although there are other initiatives, one more thing we’d like to point out is our green space where we started growing organic fruits on our land. We are so excited about this and can’t wait to see what we have grown by next summer.

How Can I Commit to Sustainable Travel  

There is so much travelers can do. In fact, there are some simple changes travelers can make. We do ask travelers turn off lights when not in use. If you plan to go on a nature vacation especially, you can bring your own reusable water bottle. Some have filtration systems built in. It’s a simple and a very important step in reducing trash and plastic. Hotels at one point were replacing towels every day. Then some lodging accommodations (typically smaller ones) starting asking guests to reuse their towels to help be eco-friendly. Not asking for towel replacements daily or taking shorter showers is another way to help these establishments be more energy efficient.

Furthermore, more and more travelers want to know what these lodging establishments are doing in their commitment to sustainability. For some, it is an important factor in deciding where to stay. There is information you can find on their websites, their blogs or in travel publications about sustainability.

Packing Light

Although we are reluctant as travelers to pack light, there’s such a freedom that comes with packing light. I started doing it about seven years ago and love it. I get to buy a couple of cool and unique items locally to remember my travels and they actually fit in my bag. I have this great buy and am supporting local businesses as well.

It makes life easier, so much smoother for transporting your luggage. Consider how you can pack lighter including some versatile basics that all go together. Choose quality pieces that you can handwash if needed and bring a small travel bottle with eco friendly detergent. Whether you drive or fly, the weight of packing light lowers your emissions therefore helping in your commitment to sustainable travel.

Being a sustainable traveler can simply be a few small changes in behavior that is helping reduce your carbon footprint and protect our environment. You may already be doing some of these things which is awesome! Think about some other changes you can make in our ongoing commitment to sustainable travel.

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