Top 3 Reasons You Need a Vacation Getaway

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Vacation Getaway Ohio

Taking vacation time and being away from work is vital for your well-being, level of productivity and effectiveness at work. Although we have gotten better in recent years, Americans are known for passing up on taking vacation time saving companies millions in vacation every year. I know plenty of people that haven’t taken vacation in … Read more

Your Zodiac Sign and What it Says about your Travel Preferences

Your Zodiac Sign and What it Says About Your Travel Preferences Ohio

So, we all have our travel preferences, things we want to experience and explore. Have you ever thought about travel in terms of your zodiac sign? It may surprise you. Actually, it may not because you might be able to relate and say yes that sounds like me. Or perhaps it may open your eyes … Read more

4 Tips for Solo Travelers

4 Tips for Solo Travelers Ohio

Considering a solo traveler adventure but hesitating a bit. Before I went on my first solo trip, I thought perhaps it was not for me. However, I have to say it was an incredibly freeing experience and I am so glad I did it. I used to travel for work a lot but of course … Read more

Simple Travel Tips to Save

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Vacation Getaway Ohio

If you don’t want to save on your destination choice and unique lodging is part of that experience for you, but want to figure out other ways to save on your travels, here are 4 travel tips to keep in mind for your next adventure. It may also make the experience more personal, cooking for those … Read more

Winter Travel to Magical Earth Retreat, A Destination

Sauna Health Benefits Ohio

Winter travel is wonderful, it is my absolute favorite time of year to get away. You don’t have to deal with the heat or the major crowds. You can get some nice deals and it is just so beautiful outside. Magical Earth Retreat has some wonderful amenities onsite to keep you warm like our cedar … Read more

Travel Influences from Childhood

Travel Influences Ohio

My husband likes to ask this question “What is your earliest memory?” My earliest memory is one of my childhood vacations with my family. We were very fortunate. My parents always took us on vacation every summer. With my mom, we went to more exotic destinations, we visited family in Europe and she saved up … Read more

I Want to be a Smart Packer, What Should I Bring on Vacation

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Vacation Getaway Ohio

I have been a smart packer as far as I can remember from traveling at a young age. Traveling in my twenties, my friends always laughed when they saw my backpack and said where’s the rest of your stuff? It just makes life so much easier. Putting that aside, the goal is to be a … Read more

Why Hocking Hills Ohio in the Summer

4 Tips for Solo Travelers Ohio

Hocking Hills is so special in the summer, a wonderful time for taking advantage of the outdoors. Although Hocking Hills is famous for our incredible hiking trails and extraordinary rock formations, there’s so much more to add to your Hocking Hills vacation travel adventure.  There are a broad range of activities to enjoy in Hocking … Read more