The Best Accessories for your Summer Travel

Accessories can be fun but some are an absolute necessity for your summer travel. When you are planning for your summer vacation getaway, one thing that goes to the back burner sometimes is “What do I need to buy for my trip?”. You may think of it at some point but then it might be too late. 

A Gender Neutral Bucket Hat, A Must for Summer Travel 

I think bucket hats are adorable and an essential. I remember my father had the equivalent of a bucket hat that he called a fishing hat when I was growing up. Who knew he was so trendy? Certainly not me. Bucket hats can look very cute but they also serve a couple of very practical purposes. The Patagonia Wavefarer Bucket Hat is gender neutral. It is available in neutral and vibrant colors and patterns. If you want some fun vintage bucket hats that you can fold and easily pack, try Etsy. I personally love the Daisy Custom Bucket hat, so sweet. 

So, I can’t say enough about hats for summer travel. I would be remised if I didn’t mention the Cotton Crusher Hat by Anthropologie. It gives your face extra coverage, comes in practically every color and is under $40. 

Hats help protect your hair from the sun and look great. Furthermore, if you have light eyes, hats are a must in the summer because your eyes tend to be more sensitive. If you want to take it a step further, there are hats that are specifically designed with UV protection. 


Sunglasses can never be too oversized for my taste. They are the perfect accessory that you can choose based on your sense of style and personality. Bold personalities can pick bold colors. If you want a more toned down and sophisticated look, a pair of Chanels can never steer you wrong. If you don’t want to break the bank, Nordstrom Rack has a great selection. 

A Tote

A lightweight tote is great regardless of your vacation plans. It works for a leisure hike or if you are lounging by the lake. A tote is so versatile, it is always a great choice. The Baggu Zip Duck Bag is a great option, cute design and a steal at under $50. Keep in mind the term lightweight. Don’t overstuff it because that defeats the purpose at some point.

Cozy Earth Tees for Guys

Cozy Earth has a great t-shirt for guys, super soft, breathable and comfortable, it is a great option for a hot summer. It helps to maintain temperature control and works for wearing out or sleeping in. Perhaps get one for outside and one for inside. I bought them for my husband and brother, both a big hit. 

We hope to see you at Nature Mystique Retreat when you put these accessories to good use during your summer travel. You will be sure to see me in my bucket hat and Chanels. That bucket hat brings back fond memories of my dad with his fishermans hat before bucket hats were a thing. He was always ahead of his time and these memories are something to cherish. 

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