Top 3 Travel Trends 2024

People are definitely traveling more. There has been a shift in perspective about focusing more on enjoying life and embracing experiences. People want to experience more of what life has to offer now. At one point, the thinking was I will save enough money and do x when I retire. Now the shift is more about embracing precious moments and choosing not to wait. The shift in philosophy is definitely reflected in top travel trends.  

Embracing Social Media in Travel 

There is so much information around us and technology at our finger tips. Data shows that almost 40 percent of travelers indicate as part of their travel planning, they would use AI artificial intelligence according to an expedia study. Social media has been a major factor in travel decisions. Platforms like Instagram | influencers do a great job of showcasing places people have never been to, perhaps never thought to explore and have not heard of. It gives you a glimpse into these special places. 

Some influencers have adopted a van life where they go all over the country exploring. Some live a minimalist lifestyle and have been discovering this beautiful country of ours. There is so much to see and appreciate. 

Unique Stays for Your Vacation Getaway 

We have fully embraced the unique vacation getaway experience at Nature Mystique Retreat. An important travel trend is the lodging accommodations becomes the actual destination. Keeping with that trend and how important experiences are, Nature Mystique has a variety to do onsite that has marked it as a top destination. 

The top 3 being the cedar wood burning hot tub allows you to truly experience nature in its truest form.. Building the fire for the hot tub and then basking in the fruits of your labor while soaking in the cedar scented hot tub. Number 2 is relaxing in the sauna while taking in the tranquil nature setting. Number 3 is practicing mindfulness and meditation whether it’s by the firepit or while relaxing on the hammock, there’s a chance to experience this complete sense of calm and tranquility on our 11 acres of nature. You can experience a trip to our authentic themed Moroccan adobe or hobbit inspired cozy cabin.

Road Trips Are Back Baby – Micro Vacations on the Rise 

I loved road trips as a child and they have definitely made a strong and fast comeback. People are looking at what’s in their backyard so to speak. Travelers are looking at what is a destination that is between a 2 hour and 6 hour drive. This way, one can plan a spontaneous weekend, not have to book a flight months in advance. They simply pack a bag and hit the road. Lots of our guests are road trippers as well from all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and other neighboring states. 

Top travel trends are not surprising given the shifts in perspective and need for experiences and discovery.  

Travel can mean different things to different people. It can be a chance to discover, have experiences, escape the daily grind, spend quality time with loved ones, take a solo adventure trip, inspiration, relaxation and more. People are celebrating more with travel, birthdays, anniversaries, important milestones. Why should travel be just one thing. The gift of travel is one of the most precious gifts I had as a child. As an adult I truly believe I am a better and more open person because of these experiences. My love of travel continues to keep me grounded. Happy traveling where ever the road may lead. 

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