Top 4 Reasons to Visit Hocking Hills in the Spring

There is no shortage of things to do in Hocking Hills, it is a great way to experience the outdoors as the weather warms up. Now is as good a time as any to visit. The temperature is ideal for a great hike and enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors. Nature Mystique Retreat sauna is now available for reservations for its guests with breathtaking views of nature in this relaxing and peaceful setting. There is great BBQ, wineries and the Annual Wildflower Walk are experiences you don’t want to miss. 

Get Outdoors, Hikes That Are Simply Magical 

With the caves, fascinating rock formations and waterfalls, it is simply a magical time to visit Hocking Hills. Nature Mystique Retreat is only 3 miles from Ash Cave one of the more popular spots in Hocking Hills State Park. Cedar Falls has a trail that leads you to Old Man’s Cave and is a 3 mile hike or a 6 mile loop if you wish to return to Cedar Falls. If you are looking for something less challenging, within minutes of arriving at Ash Cave you can see the cool caves and have great photo opportunities. There is something about getting outdoors that releases tension and creates this sense of calm. All in all, a very special park in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Spring is great weather for a perfect hike, not too hot and less crowded than the summer and fall. We learn a lot from our travels.

Stay At Nature Mystique Retreat 

We have a fantasy hobbit inspired retreat just 3 miles from Hocking Hills State Park. Spring is a beautiful time to visit. The wild flowers start to bloom peeking through to show the first signs of spring. The weather is beautiful to enjoy your own hot tub during the day or in the evening. The evening is wonderful for star gazing, enjoying the outdoors during a clear night. The sights and sounds of nature can be quite meditative. There is a sauna available on site to reserve for a promotional guest fee. Saunas are great to relax after a day of hiking. If you prefer an exotic adventure, we have Moroccan style adobes on site for vacation cabin rental stays. It all sits on 11 acres of natural beauty. 

Annual Wildflower Walk

The annual Wildflower Walk is fast approaching, just a couple of weeks away sometime in April. It is hosted by Lake Hope State Park. The walk introduces you to a variety of breathtaking wildflowers in a tranquil setting. It is definitely an experience to remember. There’s no charge for it. A quick search will give you details regarding the particulars for this year. 

Hocking Hills Farmers Market 

The Hocking Hills Farmers Market generally opens up in early June on Saturdays. It is a great spot for local, fresh produce, baked goodies and hand crafted items. My favorite would have to be the yummy jams I have tried, there’s something different about trying jams that were made locally. It is the best. Hope you will stop by and enjoy everything this charming Farmers Market has to offer. Spring is a wonderful time to visit Hocking Hills Ohio and Nature Mystique Retreat. The weather is just the right temperature, nature is starting to bloom and the major crowds have not yet arrived. We hope to see you soon at this favorite vacation getaway. It is a great road trip option from different parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois and Michigan. This may just turn into a yearly visit when you see how much it is!

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