Top 4 Tips to Prepare for your Summer Road Trip

So first and foremost, decide what you want out of your summer road trip. Do you want to get outdoors and soak up the sun after a difficult winter? Are you set on exploring? Do you want to relax and recharge? Perhaps a combination of all three. Personally, I am obsessed with nature. There’s nothing like being out in the elements. If you want to have the best time and avoid unnecessary surprises, then prepare for your summer road trip.

Prepare your Vehicle for your Summer Road Trip

So, some of the preparations for your road trip are not very exciting but certainly necessary. Get your car serviced. You want to make sure everything is in order, tires have been checks, fluids are at the right levels and there are no mechanical issues. You want to be safe and responsible on the road. 

It is always a great practice to have a spare tire and some equipment in case of an issue. Jumper cables and an air pump are musts for me. A flash light and a first aid kit are always helpful in preparation for your travel. 

Road Trip Snacks

So, this is my favorite part of preparing for a summer road trip. Whether it’s a solo road trip or you are bringing friends and family, keeping your people well fed is a must. You may have a stretch of road where there’s nowhere to stop. I know I partially judge how much I enjoyed a trip based on food… Nothing fancy, simple snacks are generally the best. My recommendation is to cover sweet and savory so everyone is happy. Kind bars are a great way to energize you, perhaps some apples and my personal favorite, smokehouse almonds. If you want something sweet, Sahale is a great option. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and a reusable water bottle to do your part in protecting our environment.

Summer Preparation

With summer comes hot temperatures and a strong sun. When hiking, you want to make sure you load up on SPF lotion and lip balm. Wearing breathable fabrics will help keep you cooler in the elements. Sunglasses with ultra violet protection is important, especially for those of us with light eyes. 

Where Are You Going

So many choices for this exciting summer road trip. Where are you going? Did you see something on social media that sparked your interest? Perhaps some unique getaway that your friends told you about. It is best to book a hotel early especially if it’s in a popular destination and has unique accommodations.

We hope you decide to visit us on your next road trip. We are three miles from Hocking Hills State Park Ohio, offer unique hobbit inspired vacation cabins with amenities that are perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring. There’s a cedar wood hot tub to soak in and relax your muscles and your mind. We have a sauna onsite that can be reserved for a promotional guest fee. Who doesn’t love star gazing at night, especially if you live in the city and can’t really see the stars. A fantasy adventure you will never forget awaits.

Where ever your road trip takes you this summer, be prepared and have a blast! 

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