Top 5 Travel Essentials for My Travels

Traveling can be fun but sometimes it takes forever to pack. I have some essentials I take with me on my travels no matter what time of year and where I am going. They are my go to items which makes packing a snap and I am prepared for everything. 

Here are a few of my travel essentials so you are ready for where your travels may bring you. These are my own personal preferences, what are your must haves for your travels?

Comfort That Looks Great for My Travels

So, I am all about comfort with the added benefit of feeling confident in what I wear. I always bring a soft light weight hoodie so if I am caught in the rain or the temperature dips at night, I am ready. Bring your favorite soft hoodie, mine is the vuori halo performance hoodie. It’s great for hiking, lounging and it’s like a security blanket when you are away from home. 

Furthermore, we are officially hooked on Cozy Earth lounge wear. My husband, brother and I can’t get enough of these soft breathable essentials. They had great sales around black Friday, lucky us. We take our cozy earths where ever we go. I bring my cozy earth PJs, essential for helping me with my insomnia. It keeps me cool at night. Being too hot is one of the main reasons people wake up at night. For the guys I suggest bamboo pajama pants and lounge tees. When you are on the go from place to place, a good nights rest is essential to be recharged for the next day of your travel adventures. 

My Trusted Nikes

So I never go anywhere without my Nikes. I do a lot of walking and hiking. I used to run track and my trusted Nikes were essential in competing. Now they are my trusted companions for all my trips. I do of course have hiking shoes for some of my more challenging hikes. Nikes are versatile and have always served me well for my travels. 


I picked up a couple of bamboo vintage tees years ago when I was in Hawaii. Now you can find them more easily online. Such a soft breathable fabric great for the 90-degree summer days. I just love my tees, they are like an old friend, trusty and reliable. 


Have always loved my light weight cargo pants or capris. Great for exploring and it’s truly essential for traveling. Mine have a lot of zip up pockets, so there’s a barrier from pickpockets. Always be on the alert for pickpockets, they can ruin what is otherwise a great travel adventure if you lose your cash or credit cards. That leads me to my next suggestion; a money belt is an absolute must. 

White Cotton Button Down

Preferably I suggest bringing a white cotton blended button down that doesn’t wrinkle. It is versatile, goes with everything, great for night and day and gender neutral. You can dress it up with an accessory like a scarf or tie. If you need to quickly dress up, this button down won’t steer you wrong. I love my my Max Studio button down. 

What are your trusted favorite essentials for your travels? I’d like to know. We hope to see you at Nature Mystique Retreat. Bring your travel essentials and pay us a visit. Be ready for a great hotel stay full of unique amenities, architecture and much needed relaxation. 

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