Travel Tips from A Seasoned Traveler

I have been traveling since I was about four years old. I was very curious, always hungry and could not stop talking. I do have a memory as a child where my aunt would pay me a dollar for every minute I didn’t speak during one of our road trips. Because of my excitement, curiosity and immediate love of travel, I didn’t make much money on that trip. Here are a few travels tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Traveling with Kids on Road Trips

Keeping kids busy is essential on road trips. Video games, iPads and watching movies may be the ideas that first come to mind. What about if your child has a tendency to get car sick. Other options might be needed. Car games are always fun. I love playing geography on road trips especially when dealing with traffic. It is a great way to learn and furthermore, channel that competitive streak. I am all about learning. My family loves to give me places that end in Xs and Ys so you guessed it, I generally do not win. That’s ok, it is all in fun and they get a kick out of doing it to me every time.

The 2 Ss are important for road trips; snacks and stops. Kids need lots of stops so plan ahead and pay attention to the signs. If it says, last rest area for 50 miles, it’s probably a good time to stop. Otherwise as soon as you pass that rest area, someone will need to go to the bathroom. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Balanced stacks are good. Maybe you create your own trail mix with nuts, MnMs, and dried fruit or peanut butter with apples provided there are no allergies. Most snacks are messy so a handy car vacuum is a must.

Travel Tips for Long Flights

Either long flights can drag on or you find ways to entertain yourself so time flies during your travels. I like to have options depending on my mood at the time. I generally download an action movie and a couple of episodes of a show I am streaming to my kindle. I also have a book already downloaded. In case I am up against a work deadline, I make sure to do all my research ahead of time so I can reference it during the flight. There’s generally in-flight TV entertainment which I love. I also like to have access to one or two brain teasers to stimulate the mind and mix things up a bit.

A good neck pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask are great for overnight flights. You want to make sure you can get as comfortable as possible and make the best use of your time. It also helps to adjust to jet lag and recharge your batteries before you land.

Travel Tips in Recognition of Earth Day This Month

In recognition of Earth Day this month, consider being mindful of energy consumption on your travels. Turn off the lights before you leave your lodging accommodations for the day. Perhaps you won’t need towel replacements as often as you normally would request them. Bringing our own filtered reusable water bottle is also a great idea.  If we all make a few small changes, it will definitely make a difference in our carbon footprint.

Think about ways to make your travels smoother for your next vacation. A little bit of planning and some small changes can go a long way.

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