Travel Trends 2023

Travel trends are very exciting this year. People are interested in traveling more and are willing to invest more on their travels. More travelers are choosing lodging that offers a unique experience. A major trend that has not changed is people continue to love travel. People want to disconnect from their day to day lives, experience new things and make memories. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, individuals are looking for more of a life balance. They are willing to spend more on experiences. 

Unique Experience

More and more people are looking for a unique experience. There’s an interest in not only finding lodging but in some ways, the hotel accommodations become the destination. People are excited about discovering new places that have more to offer than simply a comfortable place to lay your head. People want to visit these unique places, share them with their social network and perhaps come back with family members or friends. Although there aren’t so many unique accommodations, if you do your research, you can find them.  There is also an appreciation for sustainability. Our guests love that we are growing our own organic garden.


The media is having an influence on travel choices. People are watching shows like Emily in Paris and it is influencing their desire to go to visit these exciting cities. Outlander has become a fan favorite showcasing the breathtaking landscape of Scotland. The rolling hills, lush greenery and breathtaking views of this incredible country has piqued a curiosity for travelers. Social media is introducing us to places that may not have been on our radar and may become must see destinations. It is opening up a whole new world of possibilities. It is inspiring a new interest or awakening a desire for more travel. There is so much beauty globally. 

Back to Nature 

The back to nature trend continues. We saw during the pandemic; more and more people were visiting state and national parks. That is continuing. There is a sense of peace and calm that one experiences from nature. Studies do show that consistent exposure to nature can reduce stress levels. It is a great option if you are focused on wellness. Most of us live busy, stressful lives. Our guests have told us the incredible difference they notice in their stress level from when they first arrive to when they leave. It is truly remarkable what a nature vacation gives you. 

Work and Vacation 

There has been a significant shift in how people view work and vacation. More recently I have talked to people who in the past never used up their vacation time. Some never made time to take an actual vacation or unplug. The mindset has shifted. People want to make up for lost time. They long for more meaningful experiences to learn something new and grow. People don’t want to wait until retirement to visit places on their list. 

It is an exciting time for travelers. The desire to have a new unique experience, seek a deeper meaning and grow is now more prevalent than ever. Are you planning your next vacation? I wish you happy traveling wherever the road takes you. 

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