Visit Nature Mystique Retreat, Be Part of the Hocking Hills Winter Hike

One of the best kept secrets I wanted to let you in on, the Hocking Hills Winter Hike, plan your winter getaway. How did I not know about this you ask? I agree! Nature Mystique Retreat is so excited for our guests that are going to the 59th Annual Hocking Hills Winter hike and those that will enjoy a winter visit at our Magical Earth Retreat. It’s a winter wonderland.

My fellow outdoor adventurers there’s still some time left but not much to plan your winter vacation getaway. 

Winter Getaway Winter Hike 

It is not too late. Staying at Nature Mystique Retreat’s Magical Earth Retreat leaves you just three miles from Hocking Hills State Park. We love our winter hikes. Make sure you have the right hiking gear. Get ready for that crisp clean air and that sense of exhilaration you feel when you go on a great hike. The weather was good to us last year and we are thinking positive thoughts for an equally spectacular upcoming January. Either way it is a fun time for sure. 

You have a chance to explore the largest and coolest caves in Ohio and frankly it’s so magical. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. There’s a mystery and awe you feel when witnessing caves that have taken millions of years to form. 

So much to enjoy and explore in the winter months. There’s a charming store that has wind chimes, candles and holiday decorations that I love to visit this time of year. Sledding is also big on my list, it just brings out the kid in me. The pure joy and magic of seeing things through a child’s eyes. 

Relaxing After Your Hike

My favorite thing to do after a fun hike is soaking in the hot tub and star gazing. It relaxes all my muscles and the tension starts to melt away. It feels like a reset to allow myself to relax and be ready to continue exploring. Some have told us they found our cedar wood hot tub to be meditative. With the soothing scents of the cedar and how mesmerizing the wood burning stove it, it is a favorite amongst our guests. It is the only one of its kind in the area. 

Imagine cozying up to the firepit or our indoor fireplace after a good hike. Hot chocolate and a cozy blanket are really all one needs. There are games and a smart TV for streaming for more fun after an enjoyable day of exploring Hocking Hills. Let’s not miss out on the sauna. Ask about our sauna reservations. Check out our previous article on saunas. There’s a reason that Finland has 3 million saunas in their country of 5 million people. As long as you check with your doctor first, the health benefits are wonderful. 

Abundance of Trees, Nature and Caves 

Nature can be very calming and soothing, lots of data shows it is great for stress relief, focus, wellness and relaxation. There is an abundance of captivating trees, jaw dropping caves featuring these incredible rock formations that have been forming for millions of years. Exploring Hocking Hills State Park, no matter how many times I go, I always notice something new that takes my breath away. It creates this wonderful sense of calm and wonder. Wishing you a winter getaway full of happiness, relaxation and adventure. 

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