Wellness Amongst the Hottest Travel Trends

Wellness is amongst the hottest travel trends. We all want to live a longer and healthier life. It has been a major part of my vacation planning for many years. I find a great hike, exploring the unfamiliar and taking a sauna to be exhilarating. These are much needed activities during my travels that helps me to decompress. Walking and hiking are fantastic ways to discover something new, something that takes your breath away. These still and peaceful moments where the stress leaves my body, my mind is clear and this sense of calm takes over. I treasure these incredible moments and I wouldn’t trade my wellness vacation getaways for anything. Yes, I take moments for relaxation and reflection, the slower aspects of wellness are equally important. 

The Science and Spend Behind Wellness

Wellness is a $5.6 Trillion dollar global economy up from $4.2 Trillion in 2017. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is a $651 Billion industry which is one of the hottest travel trends. Yes, I said TRILLION. Companies are spending on wellness because it increases productivity, lowers stress and lowers medical costs. It is considered a worthwhile investment. Data shows there’s a return for up to $4 for every wellness dollar spent. The corporate wellness industry is estimated at $18.9 Billion in 2023. 

Nature Mystique, a Magical Earth Retreat for Wellness 

Nature Mystique showed a high attention to detail in incorporating important wellness elements to our vacation getaway in Hocking Hills Ohio. From our cedar wood hot tubs to our sauna to our upcoming medication space. Stress relief, happiness and the well-being of our guests is our top priority. 

The amenities combined with the aesthetics of our property create a calming and serene space. You can soak up the beauty of nature, while enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. During the warmer months, you can relax outside on your very own hammock and read a book or take a well deserved rest. Sitting by the firepit or grilling outside is a great way to decompress. 

The Sauna is a very important part of the Finnish culture. Perhaps the wellness centric focus is one of the reasons Finland was recognized as the happiest country in the world several years in a row. There are a range of sauna benefits from stress relief to relieving aches and pains to improved sleep and focus. It is associated with a variety of health benefits. Our cedar hot tub experience has been described as meditative and indulging. Between the calming scents of the cedar wood and the relaxing soak, it is certainly one of my favorite things to do onsite. We do outline some important safety rules and suggestions before using a sauna or hot tub. 

Hocking Hills Ohio

We are only 3 miles from Hocking Hills State Park. You can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding, star gazing and a host of other fun outdoor and indoor activities. Hocking Hills State Park was recognized as one of the top 10 state parks to visit in the United States. It is an absolute gem. I absolutely love the feeling of joy I get from a great hike, walk or a dip in the hot tub. 

Yes, I indulge in culinary delights, there’s isn’t a chocolate treat or ice cream I won’t pass up on my travels. Wellness is about enhancing your travel experience and doing something great for yourselves on your vacation getaway. I am a foodie and won’t pass up a great meal on vacation. I am happy to make recommendations for restaurants especially for the best BBQ around! 

Wherever your journey takes you, your vacation is a chance to relieve stress, recharge your batteries and indulge in life’s pleasures. There is so much to do in the daily grind, take these precious moments to enjoy and make special memories. Don’t wait, plan your next vacation getaway today. We hope to see you very soon! 

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