Why Travel Inspires Us

Why travel inspires us. Travel has been a tremendous source of inspiration for many of the greatest artists and writers of all time. It serves as a source of inspiration for us too as travelers. Travel has inspired the work of some of the greatest impressionists of all time. Vincent van Gogh was inspired by his time in France. Japanese art served as a strong catalyst for some of his art as well. Klimt found inspiration at a lake in Austria. Munch’s most recognized work of art The Scream shows his interpretation of the fjords. Furthermore, Philipp Hackert’s painting displayed in the Cleveland Museum of Art depicts a gulf in Italy. Morisot was inspired by her time in Paris painting beautiful landscapes of nature like Summer’s Day. 

Morocco A Source of Inspiration

Matisse was known for painting during his travels to Morocco in which he created over 20 paintings and close to 50 drawings. Morocco has a unique landscape and intricate designs in its architecture, tilework and the vibrancy of its art works. Our Moroccan adobes Hocking Hills vacation rentals were inspired by our travels to Morocco over 20 years ago. It left a strong impression that stayed with us to this day.

Nature Inspires 

When you think of an artist inspired by nature, perhaps the one that comes to mind first is Monet. He created his own sanctuary of flowers, his lily pond and nature so he could be inspired to create every day. Now we have the benefit of his incredible works to serve as an inspiration and great enjoyment for us today. In addition, Van Gogh in his short life created thousands of works many inspired by his travels and the source of beauty in nature. When I think of sunflowers which are my favorite flowers, I can’t help but think of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers that he painted during his time in Arles. 

The famous writer Jon Krakauer was inspired by his climb of Mount Everest and Mark Twain by his time living on the water and Ernest Hemingway for his travels to Cuba. Travels inspires so many! 

How Travel Inspires Us

Travel especially in nature can help clear your head, block out all the noise so to speak. That sense of clarity can inspire creativity, new thoughts and ideas that may serve you in your personal or professional life. Going through the motions of daily life, sometimes we get stuck. A change of environment, especially a peaceful one can bring about a fresh perspective. 

There are so many benefits of travel. If you have an interest in art or literature you may be aware of so much beauty that we appreciate today has been inspired by travels. Find your source of travel inspiration. We hope it leads you to our Magical Earth Retreat | Nature Mystique Retreat. Whether you find yourself in our exotic Moroccan adobes or hobbit inspired vacation rental cabins, our wish is that you find your true inspiration. If you have not explored nature make it a part of your travels. Let us know what inspires you. 

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