Why We Love Hocking Hills During All Four Seasons

Hocking Hills Ohio is receiving a lot of recognition as a must see destination. It gets me so excited that so many people love it as much as we do. We built our hobbit inspired accommodations here and wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. Plus, we expanded and opened our very own Moroccan style adobes recently. 

We are a family owned business and from the moment we set foot in Hocking Hills, we were in love. Now this year USA Today ranked Hocking Hills as a top ten must visit destination amongst national parks. I also heard mention of a top 50 in the world in a different publication. Wow that’s a huge statement and certainly well deserved.

Why We Love Hocking Hills Ohio for Vacation Getaways

Well, my short answer is what’s not to love. Every season offers something extraordinary, although the winter in Hocking Hills is my personal favorite. I will share why in a moment. It caters to a range of interests and the beauty is something unique and special to the Hocking Hills area. We have guests that have become regulars and we couldn’t be more pleased. You can hike for various fitness levels, there are beautiful trails and mesmerizing waterfalls and the coolest caves you’ve ever seen. You want to sit on a lake and fish or simply enjoy the water, Hocking Hills has it. If you are an adventurer looking for a thrill, there’s rock climbing, zip lining and mountain biking until your heart is content. If horse backing riding brings you back to wonderful childhood memories, it is here. 

You Want Peace and Tranquility 

Hocking Hills Ohio can offer that peace and tranquility. At our retreat, you can cozy up to the firepit, star gaze on a clear night and just relax. You can soak in your very own cedar wood hot tub thinking about the wonderful day you just had. This gives you that much needed chance to decompress. Looking to soothe your muscles after a hike, we have a sauna onsite that you can reserve (separate fee applies). If lying on a hammock, reading a great book we provide in your accommodations is more your cup of tea, go for it. 

Just stepping foot in Hocking Hills Ash Cave (just 3 miles from us), always puts me in this very calm meditative state. It is truly remarkable and I am always in awe every time I go. These incredibly fascinating rock formations that have slowly developing for over a million years are something to see. The greenery is very lush and vibrant. With miles and miles of endless trails to enjoy and explore, you can discover something new during every visit to Hocking Hills State Park. 

All Four Seasons of Hocking Hills Ohio 

Although I know lots of people talk about the Fall foliage which I have to say is quite beautiful, I have experienced something magical every season of the year in Hocking Hills. There are all the breathtaking colors, stars at night, apple picking and special Fall events that people keep coming back for more. 

Winter is my favorite time of year in Hocking Hills. The dusting of the snow at the park in the Winter season makes it appear like a fairytale that we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of. You get that crisp breeze that makes you feel cool and comfortable when you are hiking. Cozying by the fireplace or roasting smores after a nice hike is a great way to end the day. Visiting the cafes and the charming little shops where you can buy wind chimes, candles and neat holiday decorations that you won’t find elsewhere.

Then Spring comes and you see everything start to bloom, all the flowers in full effect and the trees so lush and green. The weather starts to warm up a bit and it is the perfect time for a hike or picnic by the lake or a BBQ outside your Nature Mystique Retreat accommodations. 

Summer is here and the cascading waterfalls of Hocking Hills State Park are in full effect. Visitors can’t wait to rent boats and relax on the lake, hit the miles and miles of trails or attend special events. Perhaps you want to go to the markets and experience the charm of this magical place. I feel so lucky to be part of Hocking Hills Ohio. If you haven’t visited yet, don’t delay. You are missing out on one of the most magical places in the world. Road trips here we co

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