Winter Travel to Magical Earth Retreat, A Destination

Winter travel is wonderful, it is my absolute favorite time of year to get away. You don’t have to deal with the heat or the major crowds. You can get some nice deals and it is just so beautiful outside. Magical Earth Retreat has some wonderful amenities onsite to keep you warm like our cedar wood hot tub, onsite sauna pod, firepit and indoor electric fireplace. It makes for a cozy and incredibly special winter vacation getaway. 

Our Vacation Cabins and Amenities, Winter Vacation Getaway 

Our hobbit inspired and Moroccan adobe cabins are great for the winter. You can cozy up to the firepit and roast marshmallows. The sky is so beautiful it is the perfect time to star gaze on a clear night. The crackling of the fire, cozying up to a warm blanket perhaps with a nice glass of wine or hot chocolate makes for a perfect evening. Enjoying the cedar wood hot tub with the scents of cedar during a crisp, clear beautiful day is a great way to spend your time. I love hitting the trails when its cooler outside. For me personally it feels very comfortable weather wise. 

Bring your favorite winter treats. It is a wonderful time to get away when work is a bit slower and there’s less to worry about. With so many people taking summer vacations, you may not have an opportunity to take off at that time. For those of us that prefer the winter, it is such a special time of year. 

Sauna and Hot Tub Experience

We do have luxury amenities onsite to make this a relaxing and unique vacation experience! We keep the sauna open and available in the winter months as well weather permitting. There is a promotional rate for guests and it is a nice way to relax and enjoy nature. With the glass back overlooking the nature it adds to this calming and tranquil oasis. The cedar wood hot tub has this aromatic scent that is quite soothing, some guests have even said meditative. 

More Fun

Cozying it up with our warm and incredibly soft comforter duvets, you can enjoy our indoor colorful electric fireplace that gives off just the right amount of heat. There’s a great winery close by to pick up a nice bottle of wine or perhaps enjoy some hot chocolate. We provide popular games in the accommodations so you can play before your day of outdoor activities begin or perhaps in the evening. 

Although it is still a busy time, not overwhelmingly so. So, you are able to enjoy everything this winter getaway has to offer without the major crowds. There’s a charming decoration, wind chimes and candle shop in town where you can find the most unique holiday decorations. It is a great stop for your winter vacation getaway. 

Planning your winter vacation getaway. Take a look at Magical Earth Retreat for your next winter Hocking Hills visit. We are only 3 miles from Hocking Hills State Park. There is so much to do at our retreat you really don’t need to go anywhere else. If you are looking for something exotic or Middle earth, it will be a memorable and incredibly unique experience. 

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