Your Zodiac Sign and What it Says about your Travel Preferences

So, we all have our travel preferences, things we want to experience and explore. Have you ever thought about travel in terms of your zodiac sign? It may surprise you. Actually, it may not because you might be able to relate and say yes that sounds like me. Or perhaps it may open your eyes and you say, yes I should definitely do more of that. 

Aquarius and your Travel Preferences 

An Aquarius is comfortable with the unfamiliar. You are happy with exploring a new landscape, a new park and up for a new adventure. Whether it is a road trip or something that helps you gain a different perspective, you are all in. 

Pisces Loves the Wonders of Nature

As a dreamer, you will be happy to explore the wonders of nature. Perhaps Hocking Hills Ohio where you can catch a glimpse of rocks formations that have been slowly changing for millions of years to create this incredible beauty for you to explore. You appreciate scenic drives and love the coastline.

Aries Has Fun 

An Aries wants to get the most out of life, so make sure to plan a trip filled with laughter and fun adventures. Jam pack your itinerary so you get the most out of your vacation getaways. You will see a lot and appreciate it in so many ways.

Taurus Wants a Laid Back Yet Unbelievable Experience 

So, Taurus you want to relax and not rush the experience. Who says you have to run from place to place while on vacation. Relax in a hot tub, gaze at the stars, go on a leisurely hike and soak it all up. How about it?

Gemini Seeks the Thrills 

Craving adventures and thrills, perhaps you want to zipline, climb a steep mountain or discover something new and untapped. You are a thrill seeker at heart. 

My Fellow Cancer Nature Lovers 

As a Cancer myself, I am in awe of nature. That is why I have such a love of Hocking Hills Ohio. It will always have a place in my heart and that’s why we couldn’t think of a better place to build our retreat. I have always loved visiting State and National Parks. That sense of awe and wonder fills me like nothing else. 

Leo Is a Curious Traveler 

A Leo has this great energy, passion for adventures and this curiosity to seek and find something new. If you are traveling with a Leo, their energy and charisma is infectious and will affect you in exciting ways.

Virgo Need for Stimulation 

So, a fellow Virgo wants variety in their travels. Perhaps unique architecture, charming towns to explore, picturesque beauty and lots to do throughout your travels. Boredom is avoided at all costs. What some of us may find relaxing, a Virgo may describe as boring so let’s mix it up and keep things exciting. 

Libra Seeks Tranquility 

A Libra will seek peace and tranquility. The calming effects of nature is ideal for a Libra. Appreciating the sound of a cascading waterfall, the birds chirping and the unique beauty that is only found in nature is a paradise for a Libra.

Scorpio Craves the Outdoors

Scorpios have a true appreciation of the outdoors and all it has to offer. Their drive and spirit to explore and immerse themselves in the experience is fun to watch. 

Sagittarius Thirst for Learning

A Sagittarius will soak it all up and take it upon themselves to learn new things. For example, they will learn the history of their destination, habits of the culture or how the landscape formed for thousands of years.  

Capricorn Explores

A Capricorn will surely appreciate a beautiful landscape, the adventures of exploring something new and will have a good sense of how much time they need to spend from a practical standpoint. They had a great mix of spontaneity and practicality. 

We wish you wonderful travels wherever they take you. We hope to see you at Nature Mystique Retreat our Magical Earth Retreat located in our Hocking Hills Ohio. There is something there to explore and enjoy for every Zodiac sign

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